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Instant noodles from around the world and topping suggestions to elevate your noodle game, shipped to your door, every month.
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It’s simple. No joining fee, cancel anytime and only pay for what you slurp. Our group purchasing power means you get access to 6 or more premium noodles and a special gift or toppings from $35.

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Every month we curate instant noodles and condiments exclusively for our members
Not in the mood? No problem, you can skip a subscription box as often as you like and you won't be charged.
Every month you can add on new condiments or noodles to your standing order.
Inside the box

Thoughtfully selected instant noodles every month

Every month we bring to you curated tasty noodles, all different once off releases, making it a delightful surprise at meal time or a cheeky midnight snack.
  • 6-7 premium noodle servings
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • A special gift or ramen toppings
  • Monthly add-ons available
Prepare to slurp

Free ramen starter kit

Receive a large “Instant Noodle” ceramic bowl along with a pair of decorative bamboo chopsticks and a Japanese-inspired ceramic spoon in your first box so you can slurp your noodles with style! This offer is valid for first-time subscribers on a multi-month plan. Not available with any other promotions.
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Information sheet

Know your noodle

  • Cooking Instructions
    We've translated the instructions into English for a seamless experience, making it one step easier for your culinary journey.
  • Taste Profile
    We analyse the aroma, flavor, spiciness, umami, and firmness. So you can anticipate and choose noodles based on your mood.
  • Topping Suggestions
    Enhance your noodles with our recommended pantry items, eliminating guesswork in enhancing your culinary experience.
Get creative

Your inner chef awaits

Discover expert tips, creative flavour combinations, and innovative techniques that will boost your confidence in crafting the perfect bowl of ramen every time. Your next ramen masterpiece awaits!
Members love it

We heard them slurping and talking about our noodle boxes

Samantha Thompson
I eagerly await my monthly noodle subscription box. It's like a culinary adventure in a box. Each delivery brings new flavors, making it a must-try for food enthusiasts.
Linda Parker
This subscription has turned mealtime into a fun family tradition. It introduces us to diverse flavors and expands our palates. A cherished family activity.
Mark Reynolds
This subscription offers an amazing variety of global flavors, perfect for those who enjoy exploring cuisines. It's a culinary journey I eagerly anticipate.
Carla Sanche
For a self-proclaimed noodle connoisseur, this subscription is impressive. It's a treasure trove of high-quality noodles, a must-have for serious noodle lovers.
Emily Garcia
As a busy student, this subscription is a lifesaver. Quick and tasty meals delivered to my door each month. A convenient, must-have for busy individuals that crave noodles!
James Nguyen
This subscription broadens your culinary horizons. It's a world of flavors at your doorstep, an authentic culinary adventure for food lovers.
Jacob Mitchell
The surprise element and quality of this subscription are unbeatable. It's a monthly treat that's worth every penny. Highly recommended for food lovers
William Harpe
Receiving gourmet-quality noodles at home is a brilliant concept. It's a stress-free way to enjoy restaurant-style meals in your own space. A game-changer for busy professionals.

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