Our Story

The background to how we got here today. A love and hate relationship with noodles.

Welcome to the heart-warming tale behind our subscription box – a story that began with a simple dilemma many of us can relate to: the overwhelming choices in the Asian grocery store's noodle aisle. The rows upon rows of tantalizing options could easily induce choice paralysis. It was a dazzling sight, but it left many of us yearning to explore new flavours without the commitment of buying an entire pack of noodles, especially when we were unsure of our preference.

Most folks tend to stick to what they know when it comes to noodles, but our journey began with a desire to change that. We wanted to break the barriers of familiarity, inviting you to venture into the exciting world of diverse instant noodles and the endless possibilities they offer.

Our vision was simple: to make it easy for you to try new noodles and discover new culinary horizons. That's why we curated our subscription box – to introduce you to thoughtfully selected instant noodles and an array of delightful condiments, elevating your mealtime experience with every box.

We hope that each delivery brings you joy, culinary adventure, and the delightful surprise of a new favorite noodle combination that you'll savor again and again.

David Vuu
Customers love it

We heard them slurping and talking about our noodle boxes

Samantha Thompson
I eagerly await my monthly noodle subscription box. It's like a culinary adventure in a box. Each delivery brings new flavors, making it a must-try for food enthusiasts.
Linda Parker
This subscription has turned mealtime into a fun family tradition. It introduces us to diverse flavors and expands our palates. A cherished family activity.
Mark Reynolds
This subscription offers an amazing variety of global flavors, perfect for those who enjoy exploring cuisines. It's a culinary journey I eagerly anticipate.
Carla Sanche
For a self-proclaimed noodle connoisseur, this subscription is impressive. It's a treasure trove of high-quality noodles, a must-have for serious noodle lovers.
Emily Garcia
As a busy student, this subscription is a lifesaver. Quick and tasty meals delivered to my door each month. A convenient, must-have for busy individuals that crave noodles!
James Nguyen
This subscription broadens your culinary horizons. It's a world of flavors at your doorstep, an authentic culinary adventure for food lovers.
Jacob Mitchell
The surprise element and quality of this subscription are unbeatable. It's a monthly treat that's worth every penny. Highly recommended for food lovers
William Harpe
Receiving gourmet-quality noodles at home is a brilliant concept. It's a stress-free way to enjoy restaurant-style meals in your own space. A game-changer for busy professionals.